Tips for Growing Potatoes

Growing potatoes can be a very enjoyable process, as long as it is done correctly. There are many misconceptions that come along with growing potatoes, and that cause people to incorrectly grow them. Below is a list of tips and tricks that can be used for growing your first potatoes.


The best place to plant your potato seeds is in a soil that has been very well drained, but not very heavy. In order to avoid excessive pests, potatoes should not be grown in the same part of the garden every year. At least three or four years should pass by before planting the potato seeds in the same place twice.


As soon as you receive your potato seeds, lay them out on a tray. Make sure the tray is located in a cool, ventilated room, that receives a lot of light. It is highly suggested that one ‘chits’ their potatoes before you begin to plant them. If one ‘chits’ their tomatoes the sprouts will begin to show before the planting.

It is very easy to ‘chit’ your potatoes. They should be placed in seed tray or an egg carton. The trays should be placed in a cool environment, and it is very essential that the rose ends of the seeds are facing upward.

Before you begin to plant your potatoes, fertilizer should be added to the plot. The fertilizer should only be added to the first few inches of the plot. The tubors should then be placed in rows. It is recommended by many potato experts that the rows should be going from north to south. Running the rows from north to south will allow the sun to hit all sides of the ridges.


When shoots being to come up, the process of ‘earthing up’ must begin. The soil should be pulled from the sides to form a ridge.


High potash fertilizer will increase the production of yields. It is best to use the recommended amount on the potato seed packs. It is important to try and avoid high nitrogen fertilizer because the crop will become mature less quickly.