Salvia is one of the biggest groups of flowers in the mint family. Also known as Sage, annual Salvia can be found in more than six colors. Its ability to withstand high heats, direct sunlight or shade, over watering as well as drought conditions makes it the perfect flower for potting, decorative landscaping and flower beds. Although Salvia is has a scent that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, the scent is somewhat volatile making it unappealing to many insects and herbivorous animals.

The Salvia plant is typically an annual plant, meaning it will only grow for one season. However, some Savlia flowers become perennial in warmer climate zones. In addition to how easily it grows in different conditions, part of the appeal of this plant is the range of colors it comes in. Shades of blue, purple, red, yellow and coral are just a few of the vibrant color choices.

Generally, Salvia can grow as tall as five feet high. It blooms in early summer and lasts until late summer or early fall. Although it’s a hardy plant that tolerates most weather and climate conditions, Salvia does not thrive in cooler climates, so it is best to plant when there is no chance of frost.